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Press release regarding the meeting of “No Military Trials for Civilians” group with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces

Press release regarding the meeting of “No Military Trials for Civilians” group with the Supreme Council of Armed Forces

Based on the Supreme Council of Armed Forces’ invitation, a delegation of the group will be meeting with a number of representatives of the Council on the morning of Monday, June 15 2011.

The group had received the invitation with surprise; we had already presented the group’s demands more than once and demanded investigations regarding the actions of certain army and military police personnel actions towards citizens. Recommendations have been issued in multiple conferences and from several political forces, yet neither have the demands been met, nor were said actions suspended.

Our demands are as follows:

  1. Immediately putting an end to military trials for civilians, and the transfer of any civilians to the General Prosecutor to be tried in normal civilian courts. Both the military police and regular police are to be instructed not to transfer civilians to the Military Prosecution, save in the case of their involvement in any crime on military premises. Furthermore, a statement must be issued within a week from the day of the meeting, promising to refrain from trying any civilians in military courts.
  2. The protection of peaceful forms of assembly (demonstrations, sit-ins and strikes), considering their being achievements of the revolution, and not assaulting any of the partakers (such as the Petrojet workers who are currently being military tried).
  3. Immediate disclosure of numbers and information of all civilians brought before military courts starting the 25th January 2011 up to this day, and retrying them in normal courts within a specific time-frame in the near future.
  4. The annulment of all sentences issued to revolutionaries, including suspended sentences, and fulfilling earlier promises concerning the immediate release of imprisoned revolutionaries, applying article (99) of military judicial law, within a near announced time frame.
  5. Investigating violations committed by certain army and military police personnel towards citizens (physical assault, torture, virginity checks on female protesters, etc…) while setting a time-frame for the investigation and publicly announcing the results.
  6. Issuing an official apology regarding said violations committed by army and military police personnel, and compensating victims of torture and unjust military trials.

Let it be known that the group will be issuing a press release as soon as the meeting is over, stressing and announcing the meeting’s outcome to the public.


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